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Rose Classic

1/2/17 - 05:35 PM


Rose Classic Super Jam Schedule

Nazareth HS

Friday January 13, 2017

Time                           Away                                                                                Home                                                                                                

4:30pm                      Francis Lewis                                                                 Norland (FL)

6:00pm                      Staten Island Academy                                                Nazareth

7:30pm                      St. Joseph                                                                       St. Francis Prep

9:00pm                      Regis Jesuit (CO)                                                          Archbishop Molloy


Saturday January 14, 2017


Time                           Away                                                                                Home                                                                              

10:00am                    McClancy                                                                      Summit Academy

11:30am                    John F Kennedy (NJ)                                                    St. Mary’s

1:00pm                      Newark Tech (NJ)                                                        Regis Jesuit (CO)    

2:30pm                      Neptune (NJ)                                                              Francis Lewis 

4:00pm                      Capital Prep (CT)                                                         Long Island Lutheran

5:30pm                      Norland (FL)                                                                 TC Williams (VA)

7:00pm                      St. Frances Academy (MD)                                        Toledo Rogers (OH)

8:30pm                      McEachern (GA)                                           National Christian Academy (MD)


Sunday January 15, 2017


Time                           Away                                                                                Home                                                                                                

10:00am                   Grand St Campus                                                     St. Frances Academy (MD)    

11:30am                    Archbishop Williams (MA)                                         North Rockland

1:00pm                     Fenway (MA)                                                                Murry Bergtraum

2:30pm                     McDonough (MD)                                                       Gil St. Bernard (NJ)

4:00pm                     Mastery Charter North (PA)                                      St. Patrick’s (NJ)

5:30pm                     Toledo Rogers (OH)                                                    Nazareth

7:00pm                     Baldwin                                                                        Mary Louis

8:30pm                     Saint John’s Catholic Prep (MD)                              Paul Robeson


Monday January 16, 2017


Time                           Away                                                                                Home                                                                                                

9:00am                     Archbishop Molloy                                                    McEachern (GA)

10:30am                   Regis Jesuit (CO)                                                           South Shore   

12:00pm                  Staten Island Academy                                   Saint John’s Catholic Prep (MD)

1:30pm                     Manhattan Center                                          Mastery Charter North (PA)

3:00pm                    Mary Louis                                                                    Ossining

4:30pm                    Canarsie                                                                        Palisades Prep

6:00pm                    McClancy                                                                      Cardinal Spellman

7:30pm                    St. Francis Prep                                                            Grand St Campus  


Rose Classic Prep Jam Schedule

Westinghouse High School

Saturday January 14, 2017

Time                         Away                                                                              Home                                                                                             

12:00pm               Lafayette                                                                 Medgar Evers College Prep  

1:30pm                  Marianapolis Prep (CT)                                         Friendship Collegiate (MD)

3:00pm                  Fenway (MA)                                                         Kings Christian Academy (MD)

4:30pm                  Jamesville Dewitt                                                 Kellenberg


Sunday January 15, 2017 

Time                         Away                                                                              Home                                                                                             

10:00am                TPLS Christian Academy (VA)                         Marianapolis Prep (CT)

11:30am                Kings Christian Academy (MD)                        Midwood

1:00pm                 Cheshire Academy (CT)                                    St. Andrews (RI)                 

2:30pm                 Friendship Collegiate (MD)                              Mott Haven        


Coaches Books:
9/21/16 - 03:48 PM

College Coaches,


Welcome to the Rose Classic Super/Prep Jam 2017.  Below you may purchase your College Evaluation Booklet for the weekend of Jan 13-16.  Thank you for supporting our event.  If you have any questions please contact kpannell@rose-classic.com.



To register and receive a Coaches Book please select the NCAA, NAIA, Or Juco Division your University or college is in:


NCAA Division 1


 NCAA Division 2


                    NCAA Division 3 / JUCO / NAIA 









8/10/16 - 07:12 PM



Presented by Rose Classic

3 Game Guaranteed Showcase

September 24th & 25th 2016

 The 3rd Annual Rose Classic Open takes place Saturday September 24th & 25th 2016 in Brooklyn, NY.  This weekend long event will feature 24 invited teams as well as Rose Classics’ unique playing style. This event will be NCAA certified and will be attended by college coaches of all levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, Junior College).

All Coaches Must Be NCAA Certified

Please Click on the Links Below for:

Background Check: https://app.verifiedvolunteers.com/Candidates/Account/Register

NCAA Eligibility: www.nfhslearn.com

Register Team in Basketball Certification System (BBCS) http://web1.ncaa.org/BBCS/exec/login

All Players Must Attend the NCAA Session Before They will be Allowed to Play

For more information Please Contact


CLEON HYDE-(silk@rose-classic.com

PETER GOYKO (peteyg@rose-classic.com

KENNETH PANNELL (kpannell@rose-classic.com